Vintage Wings of Canada - DeHavilland DH-83 Fox Moth
Bill Maloney

01DeHavillandFoxMoth 02DeHavillandFoxMoth 03DeHavillandFoxMoth 04FoxMothInterior
01 DeHavilland Fox Moth 02 DeHavilland Fox Moth 03 DeHavilland Fox Moth 04 Fox Moth Interior
05FoxMothInterior 06UnderlyingDDLetters 07FoxMothTail 08FoxMothMainGear
05 Fox Moth Interior 06 Underlying DD Letters 07 Fox Moth Tail 08 Fox Moth Main Gear
09FoxMothTailWheel 10FoxMothFoldingWings 11FoxMothLeadingEdgeSlats 12FoxMothCabinHeatHeatExchanger
09 Fox Moth Tail Wheel 10 Fox Moth Folding Wings 11 Fox Moth Leading Edge Slats 12 Fox Moth Cabin Heat Heat Exchanger
13FoxMothCanopy 14FoxMothGenerator 15FoxMothAirspeedIndicator 16DeHavillandFoxMoth
13 Fox Moth Canopy 14 Fox Moth Generator 15 Fox Moth Airspeed Indicator 16 DeHavilland Fox Moth

DeHavilland Fox Moth Specifications:

Length: 25 feet 9 inches
30 feet, 11 inches
8 feet, 5 inches
Empty 1,200 Max Takeoff - 2,100bs
Max Speed: 113mph
Cruise Speed: 96mph
Range: 415 miles
Service Ceiling: 10,500 feet
Fuel Capacity: 16 gallons
Powerplant: DeHavilland Gypsy Major 1C inline air cooled gas engine 145hp
First Flight : 1932

Cost: $

Have a close look at photo number 6 of the Fox Moth's N numbers. You can see the last two characters of the undlerlying letters are "DD". DD was reserved for the Royal Family. It was the personal transport of King Edward, Prince of Wales in 1932

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