Vintage Wings of Canada - Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk
Bill Maloney

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17KittyhawkMainGear 18P40PropSpinner 19CurtissP40Canopy 20P40Insignia
17 Kittyhawk Main Gear 18 P-40 PropSpinner 19 Curtiss P-40 Canopy 20 P-40 Insignia
21AllisonV1710ExhaustStacks 22CurtissP40Fuselage 23AllisonV1710ExhaustPorts 24CurtissP40Canopy
21 Allison V1710 Exhaust Stacks 22 Curtiss P-40 Fuselage 23 Allison V1710 Exhaust Ports 24 Curtiss P-40 Canopy
25P40GearDownIndicator 26P40GearRetractionGears 27P40GearRetractionGears  
25 P-40 Gear Down Indicator 26 P-40 Gear Retraction Gears 27 P-40 Gear Retraction Gears

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