Vermont Military Museum - M60 Bulldozer Tank
Bill Maloney

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01M60BulldozerTank 02M60BulldozerTank 03M60TankDrivingLights 04M60TankDriversPosition
01 M60 Bulldozer Tank 02 M60 Bulldozer Tank 03 M60 Tank Driving Lights 04 M60 Tank Drivers Position
05M60TankBulldozerBlade 06M60TankTracks 07M60TankTurret 08M60TankBulldozerBlade
05 M60 Tank Bulldozer Blade 06 M60 Tank Tracks 07 M60 Tank Turret 08 M60 Tank Bulldozer Blade
09M60BulldozerTankDriveSproket 10M60BulldozerTankCargoBasket 11M60BulldozerTank 12M60BulldozerTank
09 M60 Bulldozer Tank Drive Sproket 10 M60 Bulldozer Tank Cargo Basket 11 M60 Bulldozer Tank 12 M60 Bulldozer Tank
13M60TankHydraulicFluidReservoir 14M60TankHydraulicLines 16M60TankRadiatorGrill 17M60BulldozerTank
13 M60 Tank Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir 14 M60 Tank Hydraulic Lines 16 M60 Tank Radiator Grill 17 M60 Bulldozer Tank

M60A3 Main Battle Tank Specifications:

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Military Museums in the Northeast
M60 Tank M60A2 Tank
M60 Main Battle Tank at the American Armored Foundation Museum in Danville, VA An M60A2 Tank at the American Armored Foundation Museum in Danville, VA
M60A3 Main Battle Tank M60 Tank
M60A3 Main Battle Tank at the American Armored Foundation Museum in Danville, VA M60 Tank at the Military Museum of Southern New England
M60 Tank M60 Tank
Another M60 Tank at the Militia Museum of New Jersey in Sea Girt, NJ An M60 Tank at the Vermont Military Museum in Essex Junction, VT
M60A3 Patton Tank M60A1 Main Battle Tank
An M60A3 Patton Tank at the Pennsylvania Military Museum in Boalsburgh, PA M60A1 Main Battle Tank at the Patton Museum in Fort Knox, KY

Length: 31 feet 0 inches
11 feet 11 inches
10 feet 8 inches
58 tons
Max Speed: 30mph
Range: 310 miles
Armor: 4.25 " Frontal
Powerplant: Continental AVDS 1790-2 V12 Diesel 750hp
Fuel Capacity: 280 gallons
105mm Gun M68
7.62 Coax Machine Gun
Browning 50cal M2 Machine Gun
Entered Service: 1960
Unit Cost: $

Here's a Youtube video of an M60 tank on the the range with a good tour of its interior. It also includes a short clip of an M60 bulldozer tank like this one. One more M60 Main Battle Tank video. This next video is of the AAF Museum's M60A2 tank crushing a Ford Taurus.

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