US Air Force Museum - WWII - Lockheed P-38L Lightning
Bill Maloney

01P38Lightning 02P38Lightning 03P38Lightning 04P38Lightning
01 P-38L Lightning 02 P-38L Lightning 03 P-38 Lightning Engine 04 P-38 Lightning
05P38Lightning 06P38Lightning 07P38Lightning 09P38Lightning
05 P-38 Lightning 06 P-38 Lightning Engine 07 P-38 Lightning 09 P-38 Lightning

Lockheed P-38L Lightning Specifications:

Length: 37 feet, 10 inches
Wingspan: 52 feet, 0 inches
Height: 12 feet, 10 inches
Empty - 12,800 lbs Max Takeoff - 17,500lbs
Max Speed: 414mph at 25,000 feet
Cruise Speed: 275mph at 10,000
Range: 1,100 miles
Service Ceiling: 40,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: 342 gallons internally, 600 gallons externally
Powerplant: Two Allison V-1710 water cooled V-12s 1475hp each
  Four 50cal Browning Machine Guns
 One 20mm cannon
 Up to 4,000lbs of bombs externally
First Flight : January 27, 1939
Cost: $115,000

Here's a link to a P-38 Lighting Youtube Video showing great aerial footage of a group of 4 P-38s flying in formation. More aerial footage of the same P-38 Lightning formation.

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