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Bill Maloney

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Experimental Submarine SS X-1

The SS X-1 Midget Submarine is an experimental sub that never saw active service. The SS X-1 was unique as it used a closed loop hydrogen peroxide system to generate oxygen to power the diesel engine under water. This would have given it a much greater underwater range and speed than conventional diesel electric submarines of that period. At one point in the trials the hydrogen peroxide supply exploded, blowing off the bow section but fortunately no injuries resulted. After this the hydrogen peroxide system was removed from the sub. The midget sub's specs are:

Length: 49 feet 7 inches
Beam: 7 feet
Height: N/A
Draught: 6 feet 2 inches
Crew: 4
Displacement: Surface - 31 / Submerged - 36 tons
Max Speed: Surface - 10 knots Submerged - 10.5 knots (reported)
Range: 185 nautical miles
Fuel Capacity: Peroxide - 400 gallons Diesel - ?
Diving Depth: 400 feet
Power Plant: One 90hp Hercules diesel engine charging 60 battery cells, one 90hp electric motor driving one propeller
Launching Date: September 7, 1955

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