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Bill Maloney

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01HawkerHunter 02HawkerHunterF6 03HawkerHunterF6Nose 04HawkerHunterF6Tail
01 Hawker Hunter 02 Hawker Hunter F-6 03 Hawker Hunter F-6 Nose 04 Hawker Hunter F-6 Tail
05HawkerHunterF6Tail 06HawkerHunterDropTanks 07HawkerHunterSpeedBrake 08HawkerHunterFlaps
05 Hawker Hunter F-6 Tail 06 Hawker Hunter Drop Tanks 07 Hawker Hunter Speed Brake 08 Hawker Hunter Flaps
09HawkerHunterMainGear 10HawkerHunterMainGear 11HawkerHunterNoseGear 12HawkerHunterTailWheel
09 Hawker Hunter Main Gear 10 Hawker Hunter Main Gear 11 Hawker Hunter Nose Gear 12 Hawker Hunter Tail Wheel
13HawkerHunterDropTanks 14HawkerHunterDropTanks 15HawkerHunterNose 16HawkerHunterJetExhaust
13 Hawker Hunter Drop Tanks 14 Hawker Hunter Drop Tanks 15 Hawker Hunter Nose 16 Hawker Hunter Jet Exhaust

Hawker Hunter F-6 Specifications:

Length: 45 feet 11 inches
33 feet, 8 inches
13 feet, 2 inches
Empty 14,100 lbs Loaded - 17,700 lbs
Max Speed: 715 mph
Cruise Speed: 500 mph
Range: 445 miles combat, 1,900 miles ferry with external tanks
Service Ceiling: 50,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: 497 gallons internally and externally
Powerplant: Rolls Royce Avon 203 turbojet 10,000 lbs thrust
 Four 30mm ADEN cannons
 Four AIM-9 Sidewinder air to air missiles or four AGM-65 Maveric air to surface missiles
 7,400lb external bomb load
First Flight: 1951
Cost: $

This Youtube Hawker Hunter Video shows an F-6 taking off and doing flybys at an airshow. Here's an interesting air to air Hawker Hunter Youtube video showing the F-6 approaching the rear of an aircraft, probably a C-130 Hercules with the cargo door open.

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