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Bill Maloney

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01CanadairArgusCP107 02CanadairArgusCP107 03CanadairArgusCP107 04WrightR3350RadialEngine
01 Canadair Argus CP-107 02 Canadair Argus CP-107 03 Canadair Argus CP-107 04 Wright R-3350 Radial Engine
05WrightR3350RadialEngine 06WrightR3350RadialEngine 07ArgusCP107Nose 08ArgusCP107MainGear
05 Wright R-3350 Radial Engine 06 Wright R-3350 Radial Engine 07 Argus CP-107 Nose 08 Argus CP-107 Main Gear
09ArgusCP107MainGear 10ArgusCP107BombBayDoors 11ArgusCP107Insignia 12ArgusCP107Tail
09 Argus CP-107 Main Gear 10 Argus CP-107 Bomb Bay Doors 11 Argus CP-107 Insignia 12 Argus CP-107 Tail
13ArgusCP107Tail 14ArgusCP107Tail 15WrightR3350RadialEngines 16R3350ExhaustHeatBlueing
13 Argus CP-107 Tail 14 Argus CP-107 Tail 15 Wright R-3350 Radial Engines 16 R-3350 Exhaust Heat Blueing

Canadair Argus CP-107 Specifications:

Length: 128 feet, 9 inches
142 feet, 3 inches
38 feet, 8 inches
Empty - 81,000lbs Max Takeoff - 157,000lbs
Max Speed: 310mph
Cruise Speed: 205mph
Range: 5,900 miles
Service Ceiling: 25,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: 7,975 gallons 115/145 octane avgas
Powerplant: Four Wright R-3350 Turbo Compound Radial Engines 3,700 hp each
 8,000lbs internal bomb/torpedo load
 3,700lbs external bomb/torpedo/air to surface missiles
First Flight : 1957
Cost: $5,500,000

This short Canadair Argus Youtube video is the only footage I could find of a CP-107 in the air.

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