RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force Museum - Boeing Vertol CH-113 Labrador Helicopter
Bill Maloney

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01CH113LabradorHelicopter 02CH113LabradorHelicopter 03CH113LabradorHelicopter 04CH113LabradorHelicopter
01 CH-113 Labrador Helicopter 02 CH-113 Labrador Helicopter 03 CH-113 Labrador Helicopter 04 CH-113 Labrador Helicopter
05CH113LabradorFuelTank 06CH113TailRotorHousing 07BoeingVertolCH113EmergencyExit 08BoeingVertolCH113EmergencyExit
05 CH-113 Labrador Fuel Tank 06 CH-113 Tail Rotor Housing 07 Boeing Vertol CH-113 Emergency Exit 08 Boeing Vertol CH-113 Emergency Exit
09LabradorHelicopterNoseGear 10LabradorHelicopterJetExhaust 11LabradorHelicopterJetIntake 12CH113LabradorLoadingHatch
09 Labrador Helicopter Nose Gear 10 Labrador Helicopter Jet Exhaust 11 Labrador Helicopter Jet Intake 12 CH-113 Labrador Loading Hatch
13BoeingVertolCH113FuelTank 14CH113TailRotorHousing 15CH113LabradorHelicopter 16LabradorHelicopterMainGear
13 Boeing Vertol CH-113 Fuel Tank 14 CH-113 Tail Rotor Housing 15 CH-113 Labrador Helicopter 16 Labrador Helicopter Main Gear

Boeing Vertol CH-113 Labrador Helicopter Specifications:

Fuselage Length: 84 feet 4 inches
Rotor Diameter:
52 feet 0 inches
16 feet, 8 inches
Empty 11,200 lbs Loaded - 21,400 lbs
Max Speed: 143 mph
Cruise Speed: 135 mph
Range: 370 miles
Service Ceiling: 13,500 feet
Fuel Capacity: 1,000 gallons
Powerplant: Two General Electric T58 turboshaft 1,350 shaft hp each
First Flight : 1964
Cost: $948,000

Here's a short CH-113 Labrador Helicopter Youtube video taken from the cockpit of a Labrador. One more Youtube Labrador helicopter video taken at an airshow.

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