RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force Museum - Auster A.O.P. Mk VI
Bill Maloney

01AusterAOPMKVI 02AusterAOPMKVI 03AusterAOPMKVIFuselage 04AusterAOPMainGear
01 Auster AOP MK VI 02 Auster AOP MK VI 03 Auster AOP MK VI Fuselage 04 Auster AOP Main Gear
05AusterAOPTailWheel 06AusterAOPMKVI 07AusterAOPTail 08AusterAOPWindScreen
05 Auster AOP Tail Wheel 06 Auster AOP MK VI 07 Auster AOP Tail 08 Auster AOP Wind Screen
09AusterWindGenerator 10AusterAOPEngineBay 11AusterAOPFlaps 12AusterAOPMKVI
09 Auster Wind Generator 10 Auster AOP Engine Bay 11 Auste rAOP Flaps 12 Auster AOP MK VI

Auster AOP-VI Specifications:

Auster AOP Mk VI
Another Auster AOP Mk VI at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada

Length: 23 feet, 9 inches
36 feet, 0 inches
8 feet, 5 inches
Empty - 1,400lbs Max Takeoff - 2,160lbs
Max Speed: 124mph
Cruise Speed: 108mph
Range: 310 miles
Service Ceiling: 14,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: gallons
Powerplant: DeHavilland Gypsy Major 7 inline air cooled 6 cylinder gas engine 145hp
First Flight : 1945
Cost: $

Here's a Youtube Auster AOP video showing I think a Mk V being flown from the cockpit.

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