Quonset Air Museum - McDonnell Douglas AV-8A Harrier
Bill Maloney

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01McDonnellDouglasAV8AHarrier 02AV8AHarrier 03AV8AHarrierJetIntake 04AV8AHarrierNoseGear
01 Mc Donnell Douglas AV-8A Harrier 02 AV-8A Harrier 03 AV-8A Harrier Jet Intake 04 AV-8A Harrier Nose Gear
05AV8AHarrierMainGear 06AV8AHarrierOutriggerGear 07AV8AHarrierOutriggerGear 08AV8AHarrierOutriggerGear
05 AV-8A Harrier Main Gear 06 AV-8A Harrier Outrigger Gear 07 AV-8A Harrier Outrigger Gear 08 AV-8A Harrier Outrigger Gear
09AV8AHarrierNoseGear 10AV8AHarrierMainGear 11AV8AHarrierVentralGunPod 12RocketPod
09 AV-8A Harrier Nose Gear 10 AV-8A Harrier Main Gear 11 AV-8A Harrier Ventral Gun Pod 12 Rocket Pod
13HarrierWeaponsHardPoints 14HarrierJetExhaustNozzle 15AV8AHarrierTail 16AV8AHarrierWing
13 Harrier Weapons Hard Points 14 Harrier Jet Exhaust Nozzle 15 AV-8A Harrier Tail 16 AV-8A Harrier Wing

McDonnell Douglas AV-8A Harrier Specifications:

Length: 47 feet 2 inches
25 feet, 3 inches
11 feet, 4 inches
Empty 12,200 Loaded - 26,000lbs
Max Speed: 731mph
Cruise Speed: mph
Range: 1,400 miles
Service Ceiling: feet
Fuel Capacity: 1,150 internal, 1,200 external
Powerplant: Pegasus 11 Mk 101 vectored thrust turbofan 21,800lbs thrust
 One GAU-12U Equalizer 25mm cannon
 Up to 13,000 lbs. of bombs, rockets, or fuel
First Flight : 1970
Cost: $6,700,000

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