Quonset Air Museum - Bell AH-1S Cobra Helicopter Gunship
Bill Maloney

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01BellAH1SCobraGunship 02CobraGunTurret 03Cobra762Minigun 04CobraM134Minigun
01 Bell AH-1S Cobra Gunship 02 Cobra Gun Turret 03 Cobra 7.62 Minigun 04 Cobra M134 Minigun
05M200A1RocketPod 06M157RocketPod 07AH1CobraGunTurret 08BellAH1SCobraGunship
05 M200A1 Rocket Pod 06 M157 Rocket Pod 07 AH-1 Cobra Gun Turret 08 Bell AH-1S Cobra Gunship
09BellAH1SCobraGunship 10BellAH1SLandingSkid 11BellAH1SCanopy 12BellAH1SCanopy
09 Bell AH-1S Cobra Gunship 10 Bell AH-1S Landing Skid 11 Bell AH-1S Canopy 12 Bell AH-1S Canopy
13BellAH1STail 14BellAH1STail 15CobraHelicopterCableCutter 16CobraHelicopterRotorHub
13 Bell AH-1S Tail 14 Bell AH-1S Tail 15 Cobra Helicopter Cable Cutter 16 Cobra Helicopter Rotor Hub

Bell AH-1S Cobra Attack Helicopter Specifications:

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Bell AH-1 Cobra Gunship Helicopter Bell AH-1 Cobra Gunship
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Bell AH-1 Cobra Gunship Bell AH-1 Cobra Gunship Helicopter
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  Bell AH-1 Cobra Gunship
  A Bell AH-1 Cobra Attack Helicopter at the MAPS Air Museum in North Canton, OH

Fuselage Length: 53 feet 1 inch
Rotor Diameter:
44 feet
13 feet, 6 inches
Empty 6,500 lbs Loaded - 10,000 lbs
Max Speed: 172 mph
Cruise Speed: 141 mph
Range: 315 miles
Service Ceiling: 12,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: 200 gallons
Powerplant: Textron-Lycoming T53-L-13 1,800 shaft horsepower
  General Electric M134 7.62mm 6 Barrel Electric Gatling Gun in a chin turret
  M129 40mm Grenade Launcher in a chin turret
  Two M200A1 19 shot 2.75" Rocket Pods
  Two M157 7 shot 2.75" Rocket Pods
First Flight : 1965
Cost: $

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