Piper Aviation Museum - PA-12 Super Cruiser The City Of The Angels
Bill Maloney

01PA12SuperCruiser 02PA12SuperCruiser 03PA12SuperCruiserTail 04PA12SuperCruiserTailWheel
01 PA-12 Super Cruiser 02 PA-12 Super Cruiser 03 PA-12 Super Cruiser Tail 04 PA-12 Super Cruiser Tail Wheel
05PA12SuperCruiserTailWheel 06PA12SuperCruiserMainGear 07PiperPA12SuperCruiserNose 08PiperPA12SuperCruiserNose
05 PA-12 Super Cruiser Tail Wheel 06 PA-12 Super Cruiser Main Gear 07 Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser Nose 08 Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser Nose
09PiperPA12CarburetorAirIntake 10PiperPA12InstrumentVacuumVenturi 11PiperPA12InstrumentPanel 12PiperPA12Fuselage
09 Piper PA-12 Carburetor Air Intake 10 Piper PA-12 Instrument Vacuum Venturi 11 Piper PA-12 Instrument Panel 12 Piper PA-12 Fuselage
13 Piper PA-12 Fuselage

Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser, The City of the Angels Specifications:

Length: 22 feet, 6 inches
35 feet, 5 inches
6 feet, 10 inches
Empty - 1,000lbs Max Takeoff - 1,750lbs
Max Speed: 115mph
Cruise Speed: 105mph
Range: 600 miles
Service Ceiling: 12,600 feet
Fuel Capacity: 38 gallons
Powerplant: Lycoming 0-235-C air cooled four cylinder 100hp
First Flight : 1947
Cost: $2,995

Between August 9 and December 10, 1947, George Truman flew this very Piper Super Cruiser around the world stopping at 55 cities along with a second PA-12 (The City of Washington) piloted by Clifford Evans. Here is a short Youtube Video of a Piper PA-12 taking off and landing on skis.

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