Pennsylvania Military Museum - USS Pennsylvania BB-38 14 Inch Naval Guns
Bill Maloney

01FourteenInchNavalGun 02FourteenInchNavalGun 03FourteenInchNavalGun 04FourteenInchNavalGun
01 Fourteen Inch Naval Gun 02 Fourteen Inch Naval Gun 03 Fourteen Inch Naval Gun 04 Fourteen Inch Naval Gun
05FourteenInchShell 06FourteenInchShell 07FourteenInchNavalGunBreech 08FourteenInchNavalGunBreech
05 Fourteen Inch Shell 06 Fourteen Inch Shell 07 Fourteen Inch Naval Gun Breech 08 Fourteen Inch Naval Gun Breech

USS Pennsylvania 14 Inch Naval Gun Specifications:

Caliber: 14 inches / 45
Barrel Length:
75 Feet
Number of Rifleing Grooves:
Breech Diameter:
46 Inches
Rate of Fire:
1.5 rounds per minute
Weight: 142,500lbs
Shell Weight: 1,400lbs
Shell Length:
56 1/4 Inches
4 bagged charges, 365lbs total
Muzzle Velocity: 2,700fps
Range: 34,000 yards
Entered Service: 1910
Where Built: Bethlehem Steel , Bethlehem, PA

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