Patton Museum - Renault FT18 Light Tank World War I
Bill Maloney

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01RenaultFT18LightTank 02RenaultFT18LightTank 03RenaultFT18LightTank 04RenaultFT18LightTank
01 Renault FT18 Light Tank 02 Renault FT18 Light Tank 03 Renault FT18 Light Tank 04 Renault FT18 Light Tank
05RenaultFT18LightTankTurret 06RenaultFT18LightTankTurret 07RenaultFT18LightTankTrack 08RenaultFT18LightTankTailSkid
05 Renault FT18 Light Tank Turret 06 Renault FT18 Light Tank Turret 07 Renault FT18 Light Tank Track 08 Renault FT18 Light Tank Tail Skid
09RenaultFT18DriversControls 10RenaultFT18DriversControls 11RenaultFT18LightTankEngine 12RenaultFT18TurretInterior
09 Renault FT18 Drivers Controls 10 Renault FT18 Drivers Controls 11 Renault FT18 Light Tank Engine 12 Renault FT18 Turret Interior
13RenaultFT18TurretInterior 14RenaultFT18DriversControls 15RenaultFT18DriversControls 16RenaultFT18LightTankEngine
13 Renault FT18 Turret Interior 14 Renault FT18 Drivers Controls 15 Renault FT18 Drivers Controls 16 Renault FT18 Light Tank Engine

Renault FT18 WWI Light Tank Specifications:

More M1917 and M1918 and Renault World War I tanks at other Military Museums in the northeast
M1917 WWI Tank M1917 light tank
Another WWI M1917 Light Tank can be found at the AAF Tank Museum in Danville, VA M1917 World War I Tank at The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in Rhinebeck, NY
WWI M1917 Light Tank M1917 Light Tank
An M1917 Light Tank at the Patton Museum in Fort Knox, KY An M1917 Light Tank at the West Point Museum in West Point, NY
WWI Renault FT17 Tank Hull WWI M1917 Tank
A World War I Renault FT17 Radio Tank Hull at the Maginot Line Museum in Veckring, France Another World War I M1917 Tank at the Military Museum of Pennsylvania in Boalsburgh, PA

Length: 16 feet 5 inches
6 feet 3 inches
7 feet 7 inches
6.5 tons
Max Speed: 6mph
Range: 30 miles
Armor: .67 " Frontal
Powerplant: Buda HU 4 cylinder Gas Engine 42hp
Fuel Capacity: gallons
37mm or 7.62 Machine Gun
Entered Service: 1917
Unit Cost: $

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