Patton Museum - M3A1 Scout Car
Bill Maloney

01M3A1ScoutCar 02M3A1ScoutCar 03M3A1ScoutCarGunner 04M3A1RadiatorVents
01 M3A1 Scout Car 02 M3A1 Scout Car 03 M3A1 Scout Car Gunner 04 M3A1 Radiator Vents
05M3A1DitchingRoller 06M3A1DrivingLamps 07M3A1ScoutCarGunner 08M3A1DriversDoor
05 M3A1 Ditching Roller 06 M3A1 Driving Lamps 07 M3A1 Scout Car Gunner 08 M3A1 Driver's Door
09M3A1Tools 10M3A1Wheel 11M3A1ScoutCarMachineGunner 12M3A1ScoutCarMachineGunner
09 M3A1 Tools 10 M3A1 Wheel 11 M3A1 Scout Car Machine Gunner 12 M3A1 Scout Car Machine Gunner
13M3A1ScoutCarInterior 14M3A1ScoutCarDriversPosition    
13 M3A1 Scout Car Interior 14 M3A1 Scout Car Driver's Position

M3A1 Scout Car Specifications:

White M3A1 Scout Car
Another M3A1 Scout Car at the Wright Museum in Wolfboro, NH

Length: 18 feet 5 inches
6 feet, 8 inches
6 feet, 6 inches
Up to 8
Max Speed: 60mph
Range: 250 miles
Armor: .25 inch
Powerplant: Herculese JXD inline 6cyl water cooled gas engine 110hp
Fuel Capacity: 30 gallons
 One 50cal Browning M2 Machine Gun and one Browning M1917A1 30 Caliber Water Cooled Machine Gun
Entered Service: 1939
Unit Cost: $

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