Patton Museum - Marder II Tank Destroyer
Bill Maloney

01M103InchGunMotorCarriage 02M10TankDestroyer 03M10TankDestroyer 04M10TankDestroyerGunMantlet
01 M10 3 Inch Gun Motor Carriage 02 M10 Tank Destroyer 03 M10 Tank Destroyer 04 M10 Tank Destroyer Gun Mantlet
05M10TankDestroyerTurret 06M10TankDestroyerTurret 07M10TankDestroyerTurret 08M10TankTracks
05 M10 Tank Destroyer Turret 06 M10 Tank Destroyer Turret 07 M10 Tank Destroyer Turret 08 M10 Tank Tracks
09M10TankIdlerWheel 10M10TankBogieWheels 11M10TankDestroyerRearDeck 12M10SpareTrackLinks
09 M10 Tank Idler Wheel 10 M10 Tank Bogie Wheels 11 M10 Tank Destroyer Rear Deck 12 M10 Spare Track Links
13M10TankDestroyerDrivingLamp 14M103InchGunMotorCarriage    
13 M10 Tank Destroyer Driving Lamp 14 M10 3 Inch Gun Motor Carriage

M10 Tank Destroyer 3 Inch Gun Motor Carriage Specifications:

M10 Tank Destroyer
Another M10 Tank Destroyer at the US Army Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Aberdeen, MD

Length: 22 feet 5 inches
10 feet, 0 inches
8 feet, 5 inches
33 Tons
Max Speed: 32mph
Range: 200 miles
Armor: Frontal - 1.5 inches
Powerplant: Two GM 6cyl water cooled diesels, 375hp
Fuel Capacity: 160 Gallons
76.2mm 3 inch M7 L/53 Main Gun, Muzzle Velocity 2,598fps, 15.4lb shell
 One 50cal Browning Machine Gun
Entered Service: September 1942
Cost: $86,000

Here is a short M10 Tank Destroyer Youtube clip at a French Military Museum. One more short video of the M10 is an evaluation of the tank destroyer's strengths and weaknesses.

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