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Bill Maloney

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01BoeingB29Superfortress 02BoeingB29Superfortress 03WrightCycloneR3350RadialEngine 04WrightCycloneR3350RadialEngine
01 Boeing B-29 Superfortress 02 Boeing B-29 Superfortress 03 Wright Cyclone R-3350 Radial Engine 04 Wright Cyclone R-3350 Radial Engine
05WrightCycloneR3350RadialEngine 06WrightCycloneR3350RadialEngine 07BoeingB29SuperfortressNose 08B29JacksHack
05 Wright Cyclone R-3350 Radial Engine 06 Wright Cyclone R-3350 Radial Engine 07 Boeing B-29 Superfortress Nose 08 B-29 Jack's Hack
09B29JacksHackNoseArt 10BoeingB29NoseGear 11BoeingB29NoseGear 12BoeingB29NoseGear
09 B-29 Jack's Hack Nose Art 10 Boeing B-29 Nose Gear 11 Boeing B-29 Nose Gear 12 Boeing B-29 Nose Gear
13BoeingB29MainGear 14BoeingB29MainGear 15BoeingB29MainGear 16B29BombBayDoors
13 Boeing B-29 Main Gear 14 Boeing B-29 Main Gear 15 Boeing B-29 Main Gear 16 B-29 Bomb Bay Doors

Boeing B-29 Superfortress Specifications:

Boeing B-29 BOCKSCAR
Another Boeing B-29 Superfortress, BOCKSCAR, can be found at the US Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH

Length: 99 feet
Wingspan: 141 feet 3 inches
Height: 29 feet 7 inches
Crew: 10
Weight: 70,140 empty, 124,000 maximum take off
Max Speed: 358 mph
Cruise Speed: 230 mph
Range: 3,200 miles
Service Ceiling: 31,850 feet
Fuel Capacity: 9,363 gallons of 130 octane avgas
 Ten 50 cal Browning M2 machine guns in 4 General Electric remotely controlled electrically powered turrets
 Two 50 cal Browning M2 machine guns in the tail turret
 20,000 pound bomb load
Power Plant: Four 2,200 horsepower Wright Cyclone R-3350 twin row radial engines driving 16.5 foot Hamilton Standard four bladed props
First Flight : September 21, 1942
Cost: $639,000

David Jackson forwarded me a link to a very interesting B-29 video showing a Superfortress's crew being recovered after bailing out. It includes a clip of the B-29 going down in the water.

David forwared anothe link to a B-29 Superfortress Fifi Youtube video showing the engines being run up and the big Boeing bomber doing flybys.

Here is a link to the B-29 video "The Last Bomb" . It has great WWII period footage of a B-29 raid over the Pacific to Japan.


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