Mid Atlantic Air Museum - Northrop P-61B Black Widow
Bill Maloney

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01P61BlackWidow 02P61BlackWidow 03P61BlackWidowWingAttachme 04P61BlackWidowMainGear
01 P-61 Black Widow 02 P-61 Black Widow 03 P-61 Black Widow Wing Attachment 04 P-61 Black Widow Main Gear
05P61BlackWidowNose 06P61BlackWidowNose 07P61BlackWidowNose 08P61Cannon
05 P-61 Black Widow Nose 06 P-61 Black Widow Nose 07 P-61 Black Widow Nose 08 P-61 Cannon
09P61NoseGearWheel 10P61TailControlsBellcranks 11P61Canopy 12P61WingRoot
09 P-61 Nose Gear Wheel 10 P-61 Tail Controls Bellcranks 11 P-61 Canopy 12 P-61 Wing Root
13P61BlackWidowNose 14P61CannonBombBay 15P61EngineNacelle 16P61EngineNacelle
13 P-61 Black Widow Nose 14 P-61 Cannon Bomb Bay 15 P-61 Engine Nacelle 16 P-61 Engine Nacelle

Northrop P-61 Black Widow Specifications:

P-61 Black Widow Night Fighter at the USAF Museum in Dayton, OH
Another P-61 Black Widow Night fighter can be found at the USAF Museum in Dayton, OH

Length: 49 feet, 7 inches
66 feet
14 feet, 8 inches
Empty 24,000lbs Max Takeoff - 35,855lbs
Max Speed: 365mph at 19,700 feet
Cruise Speed: 319mph at 20,000 feet
Range: 1,200 miles
Service Ceiling: 33,100 feet
Fuel Capacity: 660 Gallons
Powerplant: Two Prat & Whitney R-2800 radial engines 2,100hp each
 Four 50 Cal Browning machine guns in the upper turret
 Four 20mm cannons in the belly
 Up to 6,400lbs of bombs
First Flight : 26 May, 1942
Cost: $170,000

This particular P-61 Black Widow Night Fighter was pulled from a mountain top in Indonesia. Seeing photos of what they had to start with shows how amazing this restoration truly is. For the full story visit the Mid Atlantic Air Museum's website and their P-61 Restoration pages .

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