Mid Atlantic Air Museum - Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar
Bill Maloney

01Fairchild 02FairchildC119Boxcar 03FairchildC119Engine 04FairchildC119Engine
01 Fairchild 02 Fairchild C-119 Boxcar 03 Fairchild C-119 Engine 04 Fairchild C-119 Engine
05FairchildC119Tail 06FairchildC119Nose 07FairchildC119Boxcar 08FairchildC119Boxcar
05 Fairchild C-119 Tail 06 Fairchild C-119 Nose 07 Fairchild C-119 Boxcar 08 Fairchild C-119 Boxcar

Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar Specifications:

Other Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcars at aviation museums in the northeast
Fairchild C-119
Another Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar can be found at the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover, DE A Fairchild C-119 at the 1941 Historic Aircraft Group Museum in Geneseo, NY

Length: 86 feet, 6 inches
109 feet, 3 inches
26 feet, 4 inches
Empty -39,800lbs Max Takeoff - 74,000lbs
Max Speed: 296mph
Cruise Speed: 200mph
Range: 2,200 miles
Service Ceiling: 30,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: ? gallons
Powerplant: Two Wright R-3350-85 air cooled radial engines 3,500hp
First Flight : 1945
Cost: $590,000

The museum staff said this C-119 Flying Boxcar was flown in on its own and they plan to restore the Fairchild it to full military configuration. I have to say from head on the C-119 has to be one of the coolest looking aircraft ever!

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