Maginot Line Museum, Hackenburg - Weapons Exhibits
Bill Maloney

01ArtilleryPiece 02Bofors40mmAntiAircraftGun 03UniversalCarrierMkII 04UniversalCarrierMkII
01 Artillery Piece 02 Bofors 40mm Anti Aircraft Gun 03 Universal Carrier MkII 04 Universal Carrier MkII
05RenaultFT17RadioTankHull 06FrenchFougaVP90Tankette 07FrenchAMX13LightTank 08USWhiteHalftrackM3A1
05 Renault FT17 Radio Tank Hull 06 French Fouga VP90 Tankette 07 French AMX 13 Light Tank 08 US White Halftrack M3A1
09USWhiteHalftrackM3A1 10German17cmMortar 11GermanStukaDiveBomberJunkersJumoEngine  
09 US White Halftrack M3A1 10 German 17cm Mortar 11 German Stuka Dive Bomber Junkers Jumo Engine

I apologise for the crappy images in this gallery. I had to snap these on the run and there wasn't enough light for the autofocus to lock in properly.

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