MAPS Air Museum - Goodyear GZ-22 Airship Gondola - Spirit of Akron
Bill Maloney

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01GoodyearGZ22AirshipGondola 02GoodyearGZ22EngineNacelle 03AllisonTurbopropEngine 04GoodyearGZ22RestorationCr
01 Goodyear GZ-22 Airship Gondola 02 Goodyear GZ-22 Engine Nacelle 03 Allison Turboprop Engine 04 Goodyear GZ-22 Restoration Crew
05GoodyearGZ22Cabin 06GoodyearGZ22Cabin 07GoodyearGZ22Cockpit 08GoodyearGZ22Cockpit
05 Goodyear GZ-22 Cabin 06 Goodyear GZ-22 Cabin 07 Goodyear GZ-22 Cockpit 08 Goodyear GZ-22 Cockpit
09GoodyearGZ22InstrumentPanel 10GoodyearGZ22Cockpit 11GZ22AirshipPilotsSeat 12GZ22AirshipCopilotsSeat
09 Goodyear GZ-22 Instrument Panel 10 Goodyear GZ-22 Cockpit 11 GZ-22 Airship Pilot's Seat 12 GZ-22 Airship Copilot's Seat
13AirshipSpiritOfAkron 14GZ22AirshipFuelTank 15GoodyearGZ22AirshipGondola 16AirshipRadarAntenna
13 Airship Spirit Of Akron 14 GZ-22 Airship Fuel Tank 15 Goodyear G-Z22 Airship Gondola 16 Airship Radar Antenna

Goodyear GZ-22 Spirit of Akron Airship Gondola Specifications:

Length: 205 feet 6 inches
47 feet, 0 inches
60 feet, 2 inches
15,000 lbs
Max Speed: 65 mph
Cruise Speed: 40 mph
Range: 900 miles
Service Ceiling: 10,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: Gallons
Powerplant: Two Allison Turboprop Engines 420hp each
First Flight : 1987
Manufacturer: Loral
Cost: $

The airship Spirit of Akron crashed on October 28, 1999 at Mogadore airport in Ohio when metal splines on the control actuators sheared causing the pilot to lose control of the blimp.

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