Fort Dix Army Reserve Mobilization Museum - Posters
Bill Maloney

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01SomeoneTalked 02WorkOnAFarmThisSummer 03PlantAVictoryGarden 04BuyingABondIsNoSacrifice
01 Someone Talked! 02 Work On A Farm This Summer 03 Plant A Victory Garden 04 Buying A Bond Is No Sacrifice
05FireAway 06TheSkysTheLimit 07GetAWarJob 08MilesOfHellToTokyo
05 Fire Away 06 The Sky's The Limit 07 Get A War Job 08 Miles Of Hell To Tokyo
09MoreProduction 10HesAFightingFool 11CadetNurse 12KeepEmFlying
09 More Production 10 He's A Fighting Fool 11 Cadet Nurse 12 Keep Em Flying

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