Fort Dix Army Reserve Mobilization Museum - Armored Vehicles - M35A2 Truck
Bill Maloney

01M35A2_2_5TonTruck 02M35A2_2_5TonTruck 03M35A2_2_5TonTruckRearAxles 04M35A2_2_5TonTruckRearView
01 M35A2_2.5 Ton Truck 02 M35A2_2.5 Ton Truck 03 M35A2_2.5 Ton Truck Rear Axles 04 M35A2_2.5 Ton Truck Rear View
05M35A2_2_5TonTruck 06M35A2_2_5TonTruckSpareTireMount 07M35A2_2_5TonTruckMufflerMount  
05 M35A2_2.5 Ton Truck 06 M35A2_2.5 Ton Truck Spare Tire Mount 07 M35A2_2.5 Ton Truck Muffler Mount

US M35 Cargo Truck Specifications:

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M35 Cargo Truck M35 Cargo Truck
Another M35 Cargo Truck at the Aviation Allegheny Arms & Armor Museum in Smethport, PA Another M35 Cargo Truck at the Aviation Hall of Fame Museum in Teterboro, NJ

Length: 23 feet 0 inches
8 feet, 0 inches
9 feet, 4 inches
7 Tons
Max Speed: 58mph
Range: 500 miles
Powerplant: LDS 465 Multifuel inline 6 127hp
Fuel Capacity: 50 gallons
Entered Service: 1951
Unit Cost: $

Here is an M35 Cargo Truck video showing an M35 playing in the mud (with great turbo sound!). Here is another M35 Deuce and a half video taken from the cab.


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