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01MiG21 02MiG21 03MiG21 04MiG21ControlSurfaces
01 MiG-21 02 MiG-21 03 MiG-21 04 MiG-21 Control Surfaces
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05 MiG-21 Tail 06 MiG-21 Tail 07 MiG-21 Nose Gear 08 MiG-21 Main Gear
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09 MiG-21 10 MiG-21

MiG-21 Fishbed Soviet Fighter Specifications:

Soviet MiG-21 Fishbed Jet Fighters at other aviation museums in the northeast
MiG-21 Fishbed MiG-21
MiG-21 Fishbed at the Royal Canadian Air Force Museum in Trenton, Ontario, Canada Another MiG-21 Fishbed at the US Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH
  Soviet MiG-21 Jet Fighter
  MiG-21 at the Wings of Eagles Museum in Horseheads, NY

Length: 51 feet 9 inches
23 feet, 6 inches
15 feet, 9 inches
Empty 12,800 lbs Loaded - 18,000 lbs
Max Speed: 1,300 mph
Cruise Speed: 550 mph
Range: 400 miles
Service Ceiling: 50,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: 618 gallons internal, 470 gallons external
Powerplant: Tumansky R-11F-300 turbojet 12,675 lbs thrust with afterburner
 One NR-30 30mm cannon
 Two K-13A air-to-air missiles
First Flight : 1955
Cost: ___

This is a USAF MiG-21 evaluation video of the capabilies of the Fishbed jet fighter. The second half of this Youtube MiG-21 video shows some very good footage of MiG-21 jet fighters taking off and doing airshow flybys.

Here is an excellent MiG-21 Youtube Video of the Soviet Fighter starting up, taxiiing, taking off and doing flybys and low altitude. It's pretty cool and the sound is quite good too.

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