Empire State Aerosciences Museum - F-4 Phantom
Bill Maloney

01F4Phantom 02F4PhantomJetExhaust 03F4PhantomMainGear 04F4PhantomMainGear
01 F-4 Phantom 02 F-4 Phantom Jet Exhaust 03 F-4 Phantom Main Gear 04 F-4 Phantom Main Gear
05F4PhantomNoseGear 06F4PhantomNoseGear 07F4Phantom 08PhantomCockpit
05 F-4 Phantom Nose Gear 06 F-4 Phantom Nose Gear 07 F-4 Phantom 08 Phantom Cockpit
09PhantomJetIntake 10F4Fuselage 11F4Tail 12F4ArrestorHook
09 Phantom Jet Intake 10 F-4 Fuselage 11 F-4 Tail 12 F-4 Arrestor Hook
13 F-4 Phantom Nose

McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom Specifications:

McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom Jet Fighters at other Aviation Museums in the Northeast
McDonnell F4 Phantom McDonnell F4 Phantom
A McDonnell Douglas F4D Phantom at the Air Victory Museum in Lumberton, NJ F4 Phantom at the Vermont Militia Museum in Essex Junction, VT
McDonnell F4 Phantom McDonnell F4 Phantom
F4D Phantom at the Militia Museum of New Jersey in Sea Girt, NJ Another McDonnell Douglas F4A Phantom at the Quonset Air Museum in North Kingston, RI
F4-C Phantom II McDonnell F4 Phantom
A McDonnell Douglas F4C Phantom at the US Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH McDonnell Douglas F4G Phantom at the US Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH
McDonnell F-4 Phantom II F-4S Phantom
F4B Phantom II at the Wings of Eagles Museum in Horseheads, NY An F-4S Phantom at the MAPS Air Museum in North Canton, OH

Length: 58 feet 2 inches
38 feet, 5 inches
16 feet, 6 inches
Empty 30,200lbs Loaded - 61,000 lbs
Max Speed: 1,500 mph
Cruise Speed: 575 mph
Range: 1,632 miles
Service Ceiling: 55,200 feet
Fuel Capacity: 1,900 gallons internally 1,300 externally
Powerplant: Two General Electric J79 -GE-15 Turbofans 17,000 lbs thrust each with afterburner
 Four AIM-9 Sidewinder and Four AIM-7 Sparrow Air To Air Missiles or 16,000lbs External Bomb Load
First Flight : May 18, 1964
Cost: $2,260,000

Here's a Youtube video of F-4 Phantoms taking off and in the air. And some vintage Navy footage of F-4 Phantoms in action.

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