Delaware Valley Historical Aircraft Association DVHAA - Other Exhibits
Bill Maloney

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01HughesAIM4Falcon 02WrightJ65TurbojetEngine 03Aim9SidewinderMissile 04Aim9SidewinderNose
01 Hughes AIM-4 Falcon Air to Air Radar Guided Missile 02 Wright J65 Turbojet Engine 03 Aim-9 Sidewinder Air to Air Heat Seeking Missile 04 Aim-9 Sidewinder Nose
05Shrike Anti Radiation Missile 06US750lbBomb 07US750lbBomb 08F100DSuperSabreCockpit
05 AGM-45 Shrike Air to Ground Anti-Radiation Missile 06 US 750lb Bomb 07 US 750lb Bomb 08 F-100D Super Sabre Cockpit
09F100DSuperSabreCockpit 10WrightCycloneR1820RadialE 11WrightCycloneRadialEngine 12WrightR1820RadialEngine
09 F-100D Super Sabre Cockpit 10 Wright Cyclone R-1820 Radial Engine 11 Wright Cyclone Radial Engine 12 Wright R-1820 Radial Engine
13WrightR1820RadialEngine 14TuskegeeAirmenExhibit 15TuskegeeAirmenExhibit 16WWIIFighterPilotUniform
13 Wright R-1820 Radial Engine 14 Tuskegee Airmen Exhibit 15 Tuskegee Airmen Exhibit 16 WWII Fighter Pilot Uniform

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