Cradle Of Aviation Museum - Waco CG-4A Hadrian Glider
Bill Maloney

01WacoCG4AHadrianGlider 02WacoNoseArt 03WacoHadrianTail 04WacoGliderWing
01 Waco CG4A Hadrian Glider 02 Waco Nose Art 03 Waco Hadrian Tail 04 Waco Glider Wing
05WacoCG4AHadrianGlider 06WacoHadrianTail 07WacoHadrianFuselage 08WacoHadrianFuselage
05 Waco CG4A Hadrian Glider 06 Waco Hadrian Tail 07 Waco Hadrian Fuselage 08 Waco Hadrian Fuselage
09WacoHadrianFuselage 10WacoHadrianTail 11WacoHadrianTail 12WacoGliderWingAttachment
09 Waco Hadrian Fuselage 10 Waco Hadrian Glider Tail 11 Waco Hadrian Glider Tail 12 Waco Glider Wing Attachment

Waco CG-4A Hadrian Glider Specifications:

Waco CG-4A Hadrian Glider at the Air Mobility Command  Museum
Another Waco CG-4A Hadrian Glider Nose can be found at the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover, DE

Length: 48 feet 4 inches
83 feet, 8 inches
12 feet, 7 inches
2 +13
Empty 3,700 lbs Loaded - 7,500 lbs
Tow Speed: 150 mph
Glide Speed: 65 mph
Glide Ratio : 10:1
First Flight : 1942
Cost: $24,000

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