Cradle Of Aviation Museum - Grumman A6-F Intruder
Bill Maloney

01GrummanA6FIntruder 02GrummanA6FIntruder 03A6FIntruderCanopy 04GrummanA6FIntruderNose
01 Grumman A6-F Intruder 02 Grumman A6-F Intruder 03 A6-F Intruder Canopy 04 Grumman A6-F Intruder Nose
05GrummanA6FIntruder 06GrummanA6FIntruder 07IntruderOrdnance 08IntruderNoseGear
05 Grumman A6-F Intruder 06 Grumman A6-F Intruder 07 Intruder Ordnance 08 Intruder Nose Gear
09IntruderMainGear 10GrummanA6FIntruderNose 11AGM84HarpoonMissile 12IntruderFoldingWingHinge
09 Intruder Main Gear 10 Grumman A6-F Intruder Nose 11 AGM 84 Harpoon Missile 12 Intruder Folding Wing Hinge
13AGM84HarpoonMissile 14IntruderCockpit 15IntruderCockpit  
13 AGM 84 Harpoon Missile 14 Intruder Cockpit 15 Intruder Cockpit

Grumman A6-F Intruder Specifications:

Grumman A-6 Intruders at other Aviation Museums in the Northeast
A-6 Intruder Grumman A-6 Intruder
Another Grumman A-6 Intruder at the Empire State Aerosciences Museum in Schenectady, NY One more Grumman A-6 Intruder at the Quonset Air Museum in North Kingston, RI
  Grumman E-6A Intruder at the Allegheny Arms & Armor Museum in Smethport, PA

Length: 54 feet 9 inches
53 feet, 0 inches
16 feet, 2 inches
27,600 lbs Empty 60,400 lbs Max
Max Speed: 640mph
Cruise Speed: 470 mph
Range: 2,700 miles
Service Ceiling: 42,500 feet
Fuel Capacity: Gallons
Powerplant: Two General Electric F 404 Turbojets 10,800lbs thrust each
 Up to 18,000lbs bombs, rockets, and other ordnance on external hard points
First Flight : 1959
Cost: $

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