Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum - Westland Lysander III
Bill Maloney

01WestlandLysander 02WestlandLysander 03LysanderBristolMercuryXX 04WestlandLysander
01 Westland Lysander 02 Westland Lysander 03 Lysander Bristol Mercury XX 04 Westland Lysander
05WestlandLysanderMainGear 06WestlandLysanderTailWheel 07WestlandLysander 08WestlandLysander
05 Westland Lysander Main Gear 06 Westland Lysander Tail Wheel 07 Westland Lysander 08 Westland Lysander
09WestlandLysander 10WestlandLysander 11WestlandLysanderTail 12WestlandLysander
09 Westland Lysander 10 Westland Lysander 11 Westland Lysander Tail 12 Westland Lysander
13 Westland Lysander

Westland Lysander III Specifications:

Other Westland Lysanders at other Aviation Museums in the northeast
Westland Lysander restoration at the Vintage Wings of Canada Museum Westland Lysander at the Vintage Wings of Canada Museum
Another Westland Lysander at the Canadian Air Museum in Ottawa, Ontario Westland Lysander at the Vintage Wings of Canada Museum in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Length: 30 feet 6 inches
50 feet, 0 inches
9 feet, 0 inches
1 + 1
4,360lbs Empty 6,310 lbs Max
Max Speed: 212 mph
Cruise Speed: 170 mph
Stall Speed: 56 mph
Range: 600 miles
Service Ceiling: 21,500 feet
Fuel Capacity: 127 Gallons
Powerplant: Bristol Mercury XX 9 cyl air cooled radial engine 870hp
 Four .30cal Browning Machine guns, one in each wheel fairing and two in a flexible mount in the rear cockpit
First Flight: 1936
Cost: $

The yellow and black paint scheme on this Westland Lysander indicates it was used as a target tug towing airborne targets for air to air and ground to air gunnery practice.

Here's a Youtube Westand Lysander Video of this very Lysander at the CWHM showing the stages of its restoration and engine run up and takeoff along with some flybys. This is another Lysander Youtube Video of this same aircraft on the field at an airshow.

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