Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum - Sopwith Pup
Bill Maloney

01SopwithPup 02LeRhone9CRotaryEngine 03SopwithPupMainGear 04SopwithPupTailSkid
01 Sopwith Pup 02 LeRhone 9C Rotary Engine 03 Sopwith Pup Main Gear 04 Sopwith Pup Tail Skid
05SopwithPupTail 06SopwithPupCockpit 07SopwithPup 08SopwithPup
05 Sopwith Pup Tail 06 Sopwith Pup Cockpit 07 Sopwith Pup 08 Sopwith Pup

Sopwith Pup Specifications:

Length: 19 feet 4 inches
28 feet, 6 inches
9 feet 5 inches
787 lbs Empty 1,225lbs Max
Max Speed: 111mph
Cruise Speed: NA - rotary engines are run either at full power or off (there is no throttle)
Range: 3hrs flight endurance
Service Ceiling: 10,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: ___ Gallons
Powerplant: LeRhone 9C rotary engine 80 hp
 Single fixed forward firing 30cal. Vickers machine guns
First Flight : 1916
Cost: $____

This aircraft is a very well done replica of the original Sopwith Pup. Here's a Sopwith Pup Youtube video of a replica landing. The engine sounds more radial than rotary. Another Youtube Sopwith Pup video shows a replica Sopwith Pup along with other WWI Biplane replicas at an airshow. This also sounds like a radial engined Pup.

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