Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum - North American Harvard IV
Bill Maloney

01NorthAmericanHarvardIV 02NorthAmericanHarvardIV 03PrattWhitneyR1340RadialEngine 04NorthAmericanHarvardTail
01 North American Harvard IV 02 North American Harvard IV 03 Pratt & Whitney R-1340 Radial Engine 04 North American Harvard Tail
05NorthAmericanHarvardMainGear 06NorthAmericanHarvardTailWheel    
05 North American Harvard Main Gear 06 North American Harvard Tail Wheel

North American Harvard Specifications:

North American T6 Texans at other Aviation Museums in the Northeast
AT-6 Texan North American T-6 Texan
Another North American AT-6 Texan at the American Air Power Museum in Farmingdale, NY An AT-6 Texan at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, PA
North American Harvard Restoration North American Harvard at the Vintage Wings of Canada Museum
A restoration of a North American Harvard trainer at the Royal Canadian Air Force Museum in Trenton, Ontario, Canada A North American Harvard at the Vintage Wings of Canada Museum in Gatineau, Ontario
  North American SNJ-3 Texan
  North American SNJ-3 Texan at the Wings of Eagles Museum in Horseheads, NY

Length: 29 feet 6 inches
42 feet, 0 inches
11 feet, 8 inches
Empty 4,100 lbs Loaded - 5,300 lbs
Max Speed: 200 mph
Cruise Speed: 160 mph
Range: 750 miles
Service Ceiling: 21,000 feet
 2 Wing Mounted 30cal Browning Machine Guns
Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-1340 AN-1 9 Cylinder Air Cooled Radial Engine 550hp
Fuel Capacity: 110 gallons
First Flight: 1940
Cost: $27,000

This North American Harvard Youtube video shows several Canadian Harvards flying and landing at the Geneseo Airfield. Here's some Youtube Harvard footage shot in the air from the back seat.

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