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Bill Maloney

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01HawkerSeaFury 02HawkerSeaFury 03HawkerSeaFury 04HawkerSeaFuryMainGear
01 Hawker Sea Fury 02 Hawker Sea Fury 03 Hawker Sea Fury 04 Hawker Sea Fury Main Gear
05HawkerSeaFuryMainGear 06HawkerSeaFuryOilCoolerIntake 07HawkerSeaFuryFoldingWing 08HawkerSeaFuryExhaustStack
05 Hawker Sea Fury Main Gear 06 Hawker Sea Fury Oil Cooler Intake 07 Hawker Sea Fury Folding Wing 08 Hawker Sea Fury Exhaust Stack
09HawkerSeaFuryPropSpinner 10HawkerSeaFuryTail 11HawkerSeaFuryFoldingWing 12HawkerSeaFuryCowling
09 Hawker Sea Fury Prop Spinner 10 Hawker Sea Fury Tail 11 Hawker Sea Fury Folding Wing 12 Hawker Sea Fury Cowling
13HawkerSeaFuryTailWheel 14HawkerSeaFuryFoldingWing 15HawkerSeaFuryTailWheel 16HawkerSeaFuryWheelWell
13 Hawker Sea Fury Tail Wheel 14 Hawker Sea Fury Folding Wing 15 Hawker Sea Fury Tail Wheel 16 Hawker Sea Fury Wheel Well

Hawker Sea Fury Specifications:

Hawker Sea Fury
Hawker Sea Fury at the Canada Aviation Museum

Length: 34 feet, 8 inches
Wingspan: 38 feet, 4 inches
Height: 15 feet 10 inches
Empty - 9,200lbs Takeoff - 12,500lbs
Max Speed: 460mph at 18,800 feet
Cruise Speed: 390mph
Range: 700 miles on internal fuel, 1,040 with external drop tanks
Service Ceiling: 35,800 feet
Fuel Capacity: 250 gallons internally, 220 externally
Powerplant: Bristol Centaurus 18 Cylinder Radial Engine engine 2,480hp
 Four 20mm Hispano Mk V wing mounted cannon
 Up to 2,000lbs of bombs & rockets
First Flight : October 1945

Here's a Hawker Sea Fury Youtube video showing the fighter running up it's Napier Sabre engine and doing several flybys at an air show. One more Youtube Sea Fury Video of a Fury doing an engine startup and takeoff. The sound is somewhat muted on this video. This Sea Fury Youtube footage is much better quality and shows the Fury taxiing, taking off, and doing flybys.

This particular Hawker Sea Fury was privately owned and since I visited the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum it was sold off to a buyer overseas.

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