Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum - Fleet Canada M62-A Cornell
Bill Maloney

01FleetM62ACornell 02FleetM62ACornell 03FleetM62ACornellMainGear 04FleetM62ACornellMainGear
01 Fleet M62-A Cornell 02 Fleet M62-A Cornell 03 Fleet M62-A Cornell Main Gear 04 Fleet M62-A Cornell Main Gear
05FleetM62ACornellCanopy 06RangerL440Engine 07FleetM62ACornellNose 08SpiritOfLittleNorway
05 Fleet M62-A Cornell Canopy 06 Ranger L440 Engine 07 Fleet M62-A Cornell Nose 08 Spirit Of Little Norway
09FleetM62ACornellTail 10FleetM62ACornellTailWheel 11FleetM62ACornell  
09 Fleet M62-A Cornell Tail 10 Fleet M62-A Cornell Tail Wheel 11 Fleet M62-A Cornell

Fleet M62-A Cornell Specifications:

Other PT-26 trainer aircraft at this and another Aviation Museum
Fairchild PT-26 PT-26 Cornell
Fairchild PT-26 at the Historic Aircraft Restoration Project at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, NY A Fairchild PT-26 Cornell here at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
  Fairchild PT-19 Cornell
  Fairchild PT-19 Cornell at the MAPS Air Museum in North Canton, OH

Length: 79 feet, 0 inches
96 feet, 0 inches
28 feet, 9 inches
Empty 25,000lbs Loaded - 49,200 lbs
Max Speed: 290 mph
Cruise Speed: 198 mph
Range: 690 miles
Service Ceiling: 24,000 feet
Powerplant: Two General Electric CT64-820-4 Turboprop Engine 3,133hp each
Fuel Capacity: 2,300 gallons Jet A
First Flight : 1961
Cost: $

Here is a Youtube Cornell video of a Norwegian Spirit of Norway Cornell. You'll need a fast connection and a fast video card to appreciate this large video.

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