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Bill Maloney

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01FaireyFirefly 02FaireyFirefly 03FaireyFirefly 04FaireyFireflyTail
01 Fairey Firefly 02 Fairey Firefly 03 Fairey Firefly 04 Fairey Firefly Tail
05FaireyFireflyMainGear 06FaireyFireflyTailWheel 07FaireyFireflyFoldingWing 08FaireyFireflyFoldingWing
05 Fairey Firefly Main Gear 06 Fairey Firefly Tail Wheel 07 Fairey Firefly Folding Wing 08 Fairey Firefly Folding Wing
09FaireyFireflyFoldingWing 10FaireyFireflyRadiatorAirIntake 11FaireyFireflyCockpit 12FaireyFireflyCockpit
09 Fairey Firefly Folding Wing 10 Fairey Firefly Radiator Air Intake 11 Fairey Firefly Cockpit 12 Fairey Firefly Cockpit
13FaireyFireflySquadronInsignia 14RollsRoyceGriffonEngine 15FaireyFireflyMk6 16FaireyFireflyCockpit
13 Fairey Firefly Squadron Insignia 14 Rolls Royce Griffon Engine 15 Fairey Firefly Mk6 16 Fairey Firefly Cockpit

Fairey Firefly Mk 6 Specifications:

Length: 37 feet, 11 inches
41 feet, 2 inches
13 feet, 11 inches
Empty 25,000lbs Loaded - 16,100 lbs
Max Speed: 386 mph
Cruise Speed: 220 mph
Range: 1,070 miles with 2 90 imperial gal drop tanks
Service Ceiling: 24,000 feet
Powerplant: Rolls Royce Griffon 74 Engine 2,250hp each
Fuel Capacity: 370 gallons
 Two 20mm Cannon
 16 60lb Rockets or
 Two 1,000lb bombs
First Flight : 1942
Cost: $

Here's a Fairey Firefly Youtube video of a Firefly doing low level passes. The video quality is fair but the audio of that Rolls Royce Griffon engine is just outstanding. One more Youtube Fairey Firefly video of the Rolls Royce Griffon starting up and taxiing. Be sure to have the volume turned up!

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