Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum - Cessna Crane Mk I
Bill Maloney

01CessnaCraneMkI 02CessnaCraneMkI 03CessnaCraneMainGear 04JacobsR7559RadialEngine
01 Cessna Crane Mk I 02 Cessna Crane Mk I 03 Cessna Crane Main Gear 04 Jacobs R-755-9 Radial Engine
05JacobsR7559RadialEngine 06JacobsR7559RadialEngine 07CessnaCraneMkIWing 08CessnaCraneTail
05 Jacobs R-755-9 Radial Engine 06 Jacobs R-755-9 Radial Engine 07 Cessna Crane Mk I Wing 08 Cessna Crane Tail
09CessnaCraneTail 10CessnaCrane 11CessnaCrane 12CessnaCraneMkI
09 Cessna Crane Tail 10 Cessna Crane 11 Cessna Crane 12 Cessna Crane Mk I

Cessna Crane Mk I Specifications:

Length: 32 feet, 9 inches
41 feet, 11 inches
12 feet, 0 inches
Empty 3,500lbs Loaded - 5,700 lbs
Max Speed: 195 mph
Cruise Speed: 175 mph
Range: 750 miles
Service Ceiling: 22,000 feet
Powerplant: Two Jacobs R-755-9 Radial Engines 245hp each
Fuel Capacity: 561 gallons
First Flight : 1939
Cost: $

Here's a Youtube Video of a Cessna Crane (Bobcat) taking off. More video of the same Cessna Bobcat landing.

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