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Bill Maloney

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01AvroCF105Arrow 02AvroCF105Arrow 03AvroArrowNoseGear 04AvroArrowNoseGear
01 Avro CF-105 Arrow 02 Avro CF-105 Arrow 03 Avro Arrow Nose Gear 04 Avro Arrow Nose Gear
05AvroArrowJetIntake 06AvroCF105Arrow 07AvroCF105ArrowCanopy 08AvroCF105ArrowNose
05 Avro Arrow Jet Intake 06 Avro CF-105 Arrow 07 Avro CF-105 Arrow Canopy 08 Avro CF-105 Arrow Nose
09AvroCF105Arrow 10AvroCF105Arrow 11AvroArrowBombBayDoors 12ArrowSpeedBrakeThrottleQuadrant
09 Avro CF105 Arrow 10 Avro CF-105 Arrow 11 Avro Arrow Bomb Bay Doors 12 Arrow Speed Brake Throttle & Quadrant
13ArrowWheelWell 14ArrowMainGear 15AvroArrowAileron 16AvroArrowTail
13 Arrow Wheel Well 14 Arrow Main Gear 15 Avro Arrow Aileron 16 Avro Arrow Tail

Avro Arrow CF-105 Interceptor Specifications:

Length: 77 feet 9 inches
50 feet, 0 inches
21 feet, 3 inches
Empty 43,960 lbs Loaded - 62,400 lbs
Max Speed: 820 mph
Cruise Speed: 700 mph
Range: 1,310 miles
Service Ceiling: 75,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: 3,010 gallons internally
Powerplant: Two Pratt & Whitney J75-P-3 turbojets 23,500 lbs thrust each with afterburner
 Eight Sparrow AIM II Air to Air missiles internally or
 Four Air-2 Genie Air To Air nuclear tipped rockets
First Flight : 1958
Cost: $80,000,000 each for 5 airframes

This particular exhibit is a wonderful replica of the original Canadian Avro Arrow Interceptor. I have to say my photos don't do the Arrow justice. It is much more spectacular in person, and really looks best when it is outdoors and you can see the complete airplane without any obstructions.

An Avro Arrow Nose section and a pair of CF-105 wings survive at the Canada Aviation Museum. The Arrow was said to have been cancelled in favor of an American surface to air missile system, the Bomarc. A complete Bomarc Missile can also be found at the Canadian Aviation Museum.

The Pratt & Whitney J53-P-3 turbojets were meant to be interim engines until the Orenda Iroquois turbojets were completed for use in the Avro Arrow. An Orenda 11 turbojet engine survives at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Mount Hope, Ontario. One more Avro Arrow jet engine can be found at the Canada Aviation Museum

To learn more about the story of this controversial aircraft, the Discover Vancouver website has a page with a great deal of detail on the Avro CF-105 Arrow story.

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