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Bill Maloney

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01TrumpyFastPatrolBoat 02TrumpyFastPatrolBoat 03Bofors40mmGunMount 04Browning50CalMachineGun
01 Trumpy Fast Patrol Boat 02 Trumpy Fast Patrol Boat 03 Bofors 40mm Gun Mount 04 Browning 50Cal Machine Gun
05Oerlikon20mmCannon 06TrumpyPTFSuperstructure 07Browning50CalMachineGun 08TrumpyPTFBridge
05 Oerlikon 20mm Cannon 06 Trumpy PTF Superstructure 07 Browning 50Cal Machine Gun 08 Trumpy PTF Bridge
09TrumpyPTFSuperstructure 10Bofors40mmGunMount 11Oerlikon20mmCannon 12TrumpyFastPatrolBoatHull
09 Trumpy PTF Superstructure 10 Bofors 40mm Gun Mount 11 Oerlikon 20mm Cannon 12 Trumpy Fast Patrol Boat Hull
13TrumpyPTFHullDamage 14TrumpyPTFHullChine 15TrumpyPTFHullChine 16TrumpyPTFPropeller
13 Trumpy PTF Hull Damage 14 Trumpy PTF Hull Chine 15 Trumpy PTF Hull Chine 16 Trumpy PTF Propeller

PT Boat PTF-17 Patrol Torpedo Fast Boat (Trumpy)

PTF- 17 Trumpy PT Boat's specifications are:

Length: 80 feet 4 inches
Beam: 24 feet 7 inches
Draught: 6 feet 10 inches
Crew: 18
Displacement: 83 tons
Max Speed: 45 knots (52 mph)
Fuel Capacity: 6,100 gallons of diesel fuel
Range: 1,050 miles at 20 knots
Oil Capacity: 71 gallons
 Two 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
 One 40mm Bofors AA mount aft
 One 50 cal. Browning Machine Gun
Hull Construction: Double planked Mahogany (NOT plywood)
Power Plant: Two Napier V-18 Turbodiesel Engines, 3,100hp each
Launching Date: 1968

The Trumpy Class PTF boats were built in the USA under licence from Boat Services LTD in Norway, where they are known as the Nasty Class or Tjeld class of patrol boat. Six of these boats were built by John Trumpy and Sons boat builders. Here's a link to an excellent website created by Dan Withers on the PTF Nasty Class boats with much more information and history on Trumpy PT boats. Tim Sammons, who was an Officer In Charge of PTF-17 in the 70s has put together a website with some great period photos of the Trumpy PT Boats . There is also a more up to date photo of PTF-17 at the Buffalo Naval Museum and it is in much better shape with a fresh coat of paint and much of the rotten plank work repaired. Tim includes some great stories of life and operations aboard the Trumpy PT Boats during his tour of duty. He also includes a wealth of details on the boats, especially for Ham Radio enthusiasts.

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