Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park - M29 Weasel Amphibian
Bill Maloney

01M29WeaselAmphibian 02M29WeaselAmphibian 03M29WeaselAmphibian 04M29WeaselAmphibian
01 M29 Weasel Amphibian 02 M29 Weasel Amphibian 03 M29 Weasel Amphibian 04 M29 Weasel Amphibian

M29C Weasel Amphibious Cargo Carrier Specifications:

More M29 Weasels at other Military Museums in the Northeast
M29 Weasel Ambhibian M29 Weasel Cargo Carrier
An M29C Weasel Amphibian at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario Another M29 Weasel Cargo Carrier at the Vermont Militia Museum in Essex Junction, VT

Length: 15 feet 8 inches
5 feet 7 inches
5 feet 10 inches
1 + 3
Max Weight: 6,040lbs
Max Speed: 36mph
Range: 175 miles land
Powerplant: Studebaker 6-170 Inline Water Cooled 4 cylinder Gas Engine 175ci, 75hp
Fuel Capacity: 35 gallons
Entered Service: 1943
Unit Cost: $

Here's a Youtube video of a restored M29 Weasel Cargo Carrier motoring through the snow. This video is of the M29C Weasel, the amphibious version, and going for a dip in an M29C

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