Battleship USS New Jersey BB-62 - Main 16 Inch Turrets
Bill Maloney

01BB62SixteenInchGuns 02BB62SixteenInchGuns 03USSNewJerseyMainGun 04BB62SixteenInchGuns
01 BB-62 Sixteen Inch Guns 02 BB-62 Sixteen Inch Guns 03 USS New Jersey Main Gun 04 BB-62 Sixteen Inch Guns
05SixteenInchGunWaterSeals 06USSNewJerseyBacklit 07BB62MainTurrets 08SixteenInchShellsPowderBa
05 Sixteen Inch Gun Water Seals 06 USS New Jersey Backlit 07 BB-62 Main Turrets 08 Sixteen Inch Shells and Powder Bag
09SixteenInchShells 10SixteenInchShell 11SealingNRiflingRings 12SixteenInchShellBase
09 Sixteen Inch Shells 10 Sixteen Inch Shell 11 Sealing & Rifling Rings 12 Sixteen Inch Shell Base
13SixteenInchShellPowderBag 15USSNewJerseyMainGuns 16USSNewJerseyMainGuns 17USSNewJerseyMainGuns
13 Sixteen Inch Shell Powder Bag 15 USS New Jersey Main Guns 16 USS New Jersey Main Guns 17 USS New Jersey Main Guns

Battleship USS New Jersey

Mark 7 16 Inch 50 Cal Turret Specifications:

Shell Weight : Armor Piercing - 2,700lbs High Explosive - 2,300lbs
Shell Length: AP 72", HE 64"
Powder Charge Weight: 660lb Full Charge, 320lb Reduced Charge, 110lbs per Powder Bag
Shell Types: Hi Explosive, HE Fused AA, HE Radar Fused AA, Star Shell, & White Phosphorous
Horizontal Range : 47,000 yds (27.7 miles)
Armor Penetration Capability: 16" of Face Hardened Armor, 30' of concrete
Rifling: 1 twist in 25 calibers, 96 grooves .15" deep
Rate of Fire : 2 Rounds Per Minute Max
Muzzle Velocity: 2,600fps
Traverse Speed :
Elevation Speed : 12 Degrees/Sec
Gun Weight: 195 Tons
17" Frontal, 7.25" Top, 9.5" Side
77 per Turret
Number of Turrets:

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