American Helicopter Museum - Pitcairn Cierva Autogyro PCA-1A
Bill Maloney

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01PitcairnCiervaAutogyroPCA 02PitcairnCiervaAutogyroPCA 03WrightWhirlwindJ6Radial 04PitcairnAutogyroMainGear
01 Pitcairn Cierva Autogyro PCA 02 Pitcairn Cierva Autogyro PCA 03 Wright Whirlwind J6 Radial 04 Pitcairn Autogyro Main Gear
05PitcairnCiervaAutogyroPCA 06PitcairnCiervaAutogyroPCA 07WrightWhirlwindJ6Radial 08PitcairnAutogyroCockpit
05 Pitcairn Cierva Autogyro PCA 06 Pitcairn Cierva Autogyro PCA 07 Wright Whirlwind J6 Radial 08 Pitcairn Autogyro Cockpit
09PitcairnAutogyroWingtip 10PitcairnAutogyroTail 11PitcairnAutogyroRotorHub 12PitcairnAutogyroRotorBrac
09 Pitcairn Autogyro Wingtip 10 Pitcairn Autogyro Tail 11 Pitcairn Autogyro Rotor Hub 12 Pitcairn Autogyro Rotor Brace
13PitcairnAutogyroTail 14PitcairnCiervaAutogyroPCA 15PitcairnAutogyroRotorCuta 16PitcairnAutogyroRotorTip
13 Pitcairn Autogyro Tail 14 Pitcairn Cierva Autogyro PCA 15 Pitcairn Autogyro Rotor Cutaway 16 Pitcairn Autogyro Rotor Tip

Pitcairn Cierva Autogyro PCA-1A Specifications:

Fuselage Length: 21 feet 8 inches
Rotor Diameter:
43 feet
feet, inches
Empty lbs Loaded - lbs
Max Speed: 105mph
Cruise Speed: mph
Range: miles
Service Ceiling: feet
Fuel Capacity: gallons
Powerplant: Wright Whirlwind J6 air cooled radial engine 220hp
First Flight : 1928
Cost: $

This is an absolutely gorgeous restoration! The finish, details and paint work are first class. My photos don't do it justice. The wings are a deep yellow and the fuselage gloss black. It just wows you as soon as you step in the door.

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