Allegheny Arms & Armor Museum - T-62 Main Battle Tank
Bill Maloney

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01T62MainBattleTank 02T62MainBattleTank 03T62MainBattleTankRearView 04T62TankSearchlightMachineGunMount
01 T-62 Main Battle Tank 02 T-62 Main Battle Tank 03 T-62 Main Battle Tank Rear View 04 T-62 Tank Searchlight & Machine Gun Mount
05T62TankTurret 06T62TankTurret 07T62TankCommandersCupola 08T62TankTurretHatch
05 T-62 Tank Turret 06 T-62 Tank Turret 07 T-62 Tank Commander's Cupola 08 T-62 Tank Turret Hatch
09T62TankGunsightPort 10T62TankDriversHatch 11T62TankDrivingLamp 12T62TankIdlerSprocket
09 T-62 Tank Gunsight Port 10 T-62 Tank Driver's Hatch 11 T-62 Tank Driving Lamp 12 T-62 Tank Idler Sprocket
13T62TankBogieWheels 14T62TankDriveSprocket 15T62TankTurret 16T62MainBattleTank
13 T-62 Tank Bogie Wheels 14 T-62 Tank Drive Sprocket 15 T-62 Tank Turret 16 T-62 Main Battle Tank

T-62 Main Battle Tank Specifications:

Length: 30 feet, 7 inches
10 feet, 10 inches
7 feet, 11 inches
44 Tons
Max Speed: 31mph
Range: 255 miles
Armor: 102mm hull front, 242mm turret front
Powerplant: V-55 V12 38.8 liter Water Cooled Diesel 580hp
Fuel Capacity: 255 Gallons
 115mm 2A20 Smoothbore Cannon
 7.62 Coax Machine Gun
 12.7mm Cupola Mounted Machine Gun
Entered Service: 1961
Unit Cost: $

Here is an interesting T-62 Tank Video used for US Army training and identification.

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