Allegheny Arms & Armor Museum - Sikorsky UH-34 Helicopter
Bill Maloney

01SikorskyUH34Helicopter 02SikorskyUH34Helicopter 03SikorskyUH34Helicopter 04SikorskyUH34HelicopterCockpit
01 Sikorsky UH-34 Helicopter 02 Sikorsky UH-34 Helicopter 03 Sikorsky UH-34 Helicopter 04 Sikorsky UH-34 Helicopter Cockpit
05SikorskyUH34HelicopterMainRotorHub 06SikorskyUH34HelicopterMainGear 07SikorskyUH34HelicopterTailRotor 08SikorskyUH34HelicopterEngineCoolingAirIntake
05 Sikorsky UH-34 Helicopter MainRotorHub 06 Sikorsky UH-34 Helicopter Main Gear 07 Sikorsky UH-34 Helicopter Tail Rotor 08 Sikorsky UH-34 Helicopter Engine Cooling Air Intake
09SikorskyUH34WrightR1820RadialEngineExhaustPort 10SikorskyUH34HelicopterTailWheel 11SikorskyUH34HelicopterInterior 12SikorskyUH34HelicopterInterior
09 Sikorsky UH-34 Wright R1820 Radial Engine Exhaust Port 10 Sikorsky UH-34 Helicopter Tail Wheel 11 Sikorsky UH-34 Helicopter Interior 12 Sikorsky UH-34 Helicopter Interior
13SikorskyUH34HelicopterCockpit 14SikorskyUH34HelicopterCockpit 15SikorskyUH34WrightR1820RadialEngineCoolingFan 16SikorskyUH34HelicopterInterior
13 Sikorsky UH-34 Helicopter Cockpit 14 Sikorsky UH-34 Helicopter Cockpit 15 Sikorsky UH-34 Wright R1820 Radial Engine Cooling Fan 16 Sikorsky UH-34 Helicopter Interior

Sikorsky UH-34 Sea Horse Helicopter Specifications:

More Sikorsky H-34 Helicopter variants at other aviation museums in the northeast
Sikorsky UH-34 Seabat Helicopter Sikorsky UH-34 Sea Horse Helicopter
Sikorsky UH-34D Seabat Helicopter at the Delaware Valley Historical Aviation Association in Willow Grove, PA Sikorsky UH-34 Sea Bat Helicopter at the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, CT

Fuselage Length: 46 feet 9 inches
Rotor Diameter:
56 feet
15 feet, 11 inches
2 + 4 passengers
Empty 7,900 lbs Loaded - 13,000 lbs
Max Speed: 132 mph
Cruise Speed: 94 mph
Range: 210 miles
Service Ceiling: 14,200 feet
Fuel Capacity: 302 gallons
Powerplant: Wright R-1820-84 air cooled radial engine 1,525hp
First Flight : 1954
Cost: $

Sea Bat is the Navy's designation for the UH-34. The Marine version is called the Sea Horse, and the Army named it Choctaw.

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