Allegheny Arms & Armor Museum - M106A2 Mortar Carrier
Bill Maloney

01M106A2APC 02M106A2APCDrivingLamps 03M106A2APCDrivingLamps 04M106A2APCDriversHatch
01 M106A2 APC 02 M106A2 APC Driving Lamps 03 M106A2 APC Driving Lamps 04 M106A2 APC Driver's Hatch
05M106A2APCTankTracks 06M106A2MortarCarrierInterior 07M106A2APCDriversPosition 08M106A2APCDriversPosition
05 M106A2 APC TankTracks 06 M106A2 Mortar Carrier Interior 07 M106A2 APC Driver's Position 08 M106A2 APC Driver's Position
09M106A2APCInstrumentPanel 10M106A2APCInterior 11M106A2ArmoredPersonnelCarrierJumpSeat 12M106A2MortarCarrierInterior
09 M106A2 APC Instrument Panel 10 M106A2 APC Interior 11 M106A2 Armored Personnel Carrier Jump Seat 12 M106A2 Mortar Carrier Interior
13M106A2MortarCarrierInterior 14M106A2MortarCarrierHatch 15M106A2MortarCarrier 16M106A2MortarCarrier
13 M106A2 Mortar Carrier Interior 14 M106A2 Mortar Carrier Hatch 15 M106A2 Mortar Carrier 16 M106A2 Mortar Carrier

M106A2 Mortar Carrier Specifications:

Length: 16 feet 0 inches
8 feet, 11 inches
7 feet, 2 inches
13.3 Tons
Max Speed: 38mph road, 3mph water
Range: 300 miles
Armor: 1.7 inch frontal
Powerplant: Detroit Diesel 6V-53 6-Cylinder Diesel 212hp
Fuel Capacity: 95 gallons
 One 50 cal Machine Gun
 One 4.2 inch M30 Mortar
Entered Service: 1960
Unit Cost: $41,000

Here's an M106A2 video of the mortar carrier going through its paces for a demonstration, including firing the 4.2 inch M30 Mortar. One more M106A2 video clip of the M30 mortar firing off some rounds.

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