Allegheny Arms & Armor Museum - BMP-1 APC
Bill Maloney

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01BMP1APC 02BMP1APCRearView 03BMP1APCRearView 04BMP1APCRearHatch
01 BMP-1 APC 02 BMP-1 APC Rear View 03 BMP-1 APC Rear View 04 BMP-1 APC Rear Hatch
05BMP1APCRearHatch 06BMP1APCRearDeck 07BMP1APCRearDeck 08BMP1APCIdlerSprocket
05 BMP-1 APC Rear Hatch 06 BMP-1 APC Rear Deck 07 BMP-1 APC Rear Deck 08 BMP-1 APC Idler Sprocket
09BMP1APCTurret 10BMP1APCBogieWheels 11BMP1APCCrewsViewport 12BMP1APCCrewsViewports
09 BMP-1 APC Turret 10 BMP-1 APC Bogie Wheels 11 BMP-1 APC Crew's Viewport 12 BMP-1 APC Crew's Viewports
13BMP1APCCommandersViewport 14BMP1APCDriveSprocket 15BMP1APCTurret 16BMP1APCDriversHatch
13 BMP-1 APC Commander's Viewport 14 BMP-1 APC Drive Sprocket 15 BMP-1 APC Turret 16 BMP-1 APC Driver's Hatch

Soviet BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Specifications:

More Soviet BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicles at other Military Museums in the northeast.
BMP-1 Soviet BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
BMP-1 at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Another Soviet BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle can be found at the Military Museum of Southern New England in Danbury, CT

Length: 22 feet 1 inches
9 feet, 7 inches
7 feet, 0 inches
3 + 8 Soldiers
15 Tons
Max Speed: 40mph Land, 6mph Water
Range: 370 miles
Armor: 1.5 inch frontal
Powerplant: UD-20 6 cyl water cooled diesel, 300hp
Fuel Capacity: 120 gallons
 One 73mm Main Gun
 One 7.62mm Machine Gun
Entered Service: 1967
Unit Cost: $

Here is a good BMP-1 video in Russian. One more BMP-1 video with good sound.

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