Air Mobility Command Museum - Lockheed C-141F Starlifter
Bill Maloney

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01LockheedC141FStarlifter 02LockheedC141FStarlifter 03LockheedC141FStarlifter 04C141FStarlifterNoseGear
01 Lockheed C-141F Starlifter 02 Lockheed C-141F Starlifter 03 Lockheed C-141F Starlifter 04 C-141F Starlifter Nose Gear
05C141FStarlifterAirInlets 06C141FStarlifterDoor 07C141FMainGearUpperDoor 08C141FStarlifterMainGear
05 C-141F Starlifter Air Inlets 06 C-141F Starlifter Door 07 C-141F Main Gear Upper Door 08 C-141F Starlifter Main Gear
09C141FStarlifterTail 10PrattWhitneyTF33P7Turbofa 11C141FCargoPallet 12C141FLitterBunks
09 C-141F Starlifter Tail 10 Pratt & Whitney TF33P7 Turbofan 11 C-141F Cargo Pallet 12 C-141F Litter Bunks
13C141FJumpSeats 14C141FAirlineTypeSeats 15C141FStarlifterInterior 16C141FJumpSeats
13 C-141FJump Seats 14 C-141F Airline Type Seats 15 C-141F Starlifter Interior 16 C-141F Jump Seats

Lockheed C-141F Starlifter Specifications:

Length: 168 feet 4 inches
159 feet 10 inches
39 feet, 10 inches
Empty 147,800lbs Loaded - 342,200lbs
Max Speed: 578 mph
Cruise Speed: 534 mph
Range: 3,600 miles
Service Ceiling: 42,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: 23,500 gallons internal
Powerplant: Four Pratt & Whitney TF33-P-7 Turbofans 20,250lbs thrust each
First Flight : June 6, 1964
Cost: $42,300,000

According the the Air Mobility Command Museum's Spec sheet on the C-141F, it is essentially a stretched "A" model with two added sections to the fuselage totalling 23' 4". One before the wing and the other aft of it. It increased the cargo capacity by a third and had the same results as increasing the C-141 fleet by 1/3.

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