Air Mobility Command Museum - Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress
Bill Maloney

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01BoeingB17GFlyingFortress 02B17GFlyingFortressNose 03B17SleepyTimeGal 04B17GFlyingFortressNose
01 Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress 02 B-17G Flying Fortress Nose 03 B-17 Sleepy Time Gal 04 B-17G Flying Fortress Nose
05WrightCycloneR1820Radial 06WrightCycloneR1820Radials 07WrightCycloneR1820Radials 08BoeingB17GFlyingFortress
05 Wright Cyclone R1820 Radial 06 Wright Cyclone R1820 Radials 07 Wright Cyclone R1820 Radials 08 Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress
09BoeingB17GNoseGun 10B17GMainGear 11B17GMainGear 12B17GBombBay
09 Boeing B-17G Nose Gun 10 B-17G Main Gear 11 B-17G Main Gear 12 B-17G Bomb Bay
13B17GBombBay 14BoeingB17GBombBay 15B17GBombBayDoor 16B17GSperryBallTurret
13 B-17G Bomb Bay 14 Boeing B-17G Bomb Bay 15 B-17G Bomb Bay Door 16 B-17G Sperry Ball Turret

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress Sleepy Time Gal Specifications:

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress at the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover, DE B-17 Flying Fortress at the Air Mobility Command Museum
Another Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress can be found at the US Air Force museum in Dayton, OH A Boeing B-17G at the 1941 Historical Aircraft Group Museum in Geneseo, NY

Length: 74 feet, 4 inches
109 feet, 9 inches
19 feet, 1 inches
Empty - 34,000lbs Max Takeoff - 55,000lbs
Max Speed: 300mph at 30,000 feet
Cruise Speed: 170mph at 25,000 feet
Range: 1,850 miles
Service Ceiling: 35,600 feet
Fuel Capacity: 2,800 gallons
Powerplant: Four Wright R-1820 radial engines 1,200hp each
 Thirteen 50 Cal Browning machine guns
 Up to 5,000lbs of bombs
First Flight : July 28, 1935
Cost: $276,000

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