Aberdeen US Army Ordinance Museum - German Tanks - Jagdtiger Heavy Tank Destroyer PzKpfw VI
Bill Maloney

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01 Jagdtiger 02 Jagdtiger PzKpfw VI 03 Jagdtiger Front View 04 Jagdtiger Rear Side
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05 Jagdtiger Tracks 06 Jagdtiger Rear 07 Jagdtiger Rear 08 Jagdtiger Rear
09JagdtigerTracks 10JagdtigerTracks 11JagdtigerRear 12Jagdtiger
09 Jagdtiger Tracks 10 Jagdtiger Tracks 11 Jagdtiger Rear 12 Jagdtiger PzKpfw VI

Jadgtiger Panzerkampfwagen VI Tank Destroyer Specifications:

German WWII King Tiger Tank
A German WWII King Tiger tank which was built on a shorter but similar chassis as the Jagdtiger at the Patton Museum in Fort Knox, KY

Length: 34 feet, 11 inches
12 feet, 0 inches
9 feet, 8 inches
78 Tons
Max Speed: 12.5 mph
Range: 105 miles
Armor: 9.8"/240mm Frontal
Powerplant: Maybach HL 230 P30 Water Cooled V12 Gas Engine 700hp
Fuel Capacity: 230 gallons
  12.8cm Pak 44 L/55
Entered Service: 1944
Unit Cost: $

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