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Bill Maloney

01M3Halftrack 02M3Halftrack 03M3HalftrackFront 04M3HalftrackInterior
01 M3 Halftrack 02 M3 Halftrack 03 M3 Halftrack Front 04 M3 Halftrack Interior
05M3HalftrackAAGunMount 06M3HalftrackAAGunMount 07M3HalftrackTracks  
05 M3 Halftrack AA Gun Mount 06 M3 Halftrack AA Gun Mount 07 M3 Halftrack Tracks

M3 Halftrack Specifications:

M2 and M3 White Halftracks at other Military Museums in the northeast
White M3 Halftrack M2 Halftrack
Another M3 Halftrack can be found at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. That example has been nicely restored. A White M2 Halftrack at the Military Museum of Southern New England in Danbury, CT
M3 Halftrack M16 Multiple Gun Carriage Halftrack
An M3 Halftrack at the American Armored Foundation Museum in Danville, VA An anti aircraft version of the M3 Halftrack, the M16 Multiple Gun Carriage Halftrack, at the Wright Museum in Wolfeboro, NH
White M3 Halftrack M2 Halftrack
White M3 Halftrack at the Patton Museum in Fort Knox, KY An M2 Halftrack at the Wright Museum in Wolfeboro, NH
M3A1 Halftrack M3 Halftrack
M3A1 Halftrack at the Maginot Line Museum in Veckring, France M3 Halftrack at the Pennsylvania Military Museum in Boalsburgh, PA

Length: 20 feet 3 inches
7 feet, 3 inches
7 feet, 5 inches
Up to 13
10 Tons
Max Speed: 40mph
Range: 175 miles
Armor: .25 inch
Powerplant: White inline 6cyl water cooled gas engine 147hp
Fuel Capacity: 60 gallons
 One 50cal Browning Machine Gun (this vehicle would have had 4 50cal Brownings in a powered mount)
Entered Service: 1941
Unit Cost: $35,000

This example appears to be an M16 Multiple Gun Carriage Halftrack minus the four 50 caliber Browning M2 Machine Guns in the powered turret.


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