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Bill Maloney

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01 Continental Air Cooled V12 Tank Engine 02 Continental Air Cooled V12 Tank Engine 03 Continental Air Cooled V12 Tank Engine 04 Zenith Carburetor
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05 Continental V12 Tank Engine 06 Continental V12 Tank Engine 07 Continental V12 Tank Engine

Continental Air Cooled AV-1790-5B V12 Tank Engine:

M47 Patton Tank
A Continental AV-1790-5B engined M47 Patton Tank at the AAF Musuem

Displacement: 1,792ci
Number of Cylinders:
810 at 2,800rpm
Fuel: Gasoline
Torque: 1,560ftlbs at 2,400rpm
Weight: 2,000lbs
Entered Service: 1952

This engine powers both the M-47 Patton Tank and Jay Leno's tank engined car. Here's another site showcasing a race between Jay Leno's Tank Car and an M1 Abrams gas turbine engined main battle tank.

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