AAF American Armoured Foundation Tank Museum - Other Exhibits
Bill Maloney

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01MilitaryBicycles 02NVAPackBike 03SwissCHDefense 04GermanTruppenfahrrad
01 Military Bicycles 02 NVA Pack Bike 03 Swiss CH Defense Bicycle 04 German Truppenfahrrad Bicycle
05CobraAttackHelicopter 06CobraAttackHelicopterCock 07ElvisInTheArmy 08ElvisInTheArmy
05 Cobra Attack Helicopter 06 Cobra Attack Helicopter Cockpit 07 Elvis Presley In The Army 08 Elvis In The Army
09MilitaryHeadGear 10MilitaryHeadGear 11MilitaryHeadGear 12MilitaryHeadGear
09 Military Head Gear 10 Military Head Gear 11 Military Head Gear 12 Military Head Gear

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